Design Collection History

The heritage and cultural significance of the AMoD collection has been acknowledged by the Powerhouse Museum. The design community and Australian institutions acknowledge there isn’t another equivalent of our collection.

Loic Rethore – Executive Committee

Loic brings global business knowledge, coupled with a proven track record in negotiating growth and delivering expansion. These skills are invaluable resources to AMoD as we navigate the future.

Nicholas Davie – Executive Committee

Nicholas Davie Australian Museum of Design Executive Committee

Nicholas Davie, with a distinguished career that spans several high-profile roles, has made significant contributions across various sectors. As the former CEO of Publicis Mojo, Davie demonstrated his adept leadership and innovative thinking in the advertising world, driving the company to achieve numerous accolades and success stories.

Leone Lorrimer – Executive Committee

Leone Lorrimer - Australian Museum of Design Executive Committee

Leone Lorrimer’s distinguished career spanning over 30 years in CEO and executive leadership roles, complemented by her extensive board experience and architectural expertise, marks her as an invaluable asset to the AMoD Executive Committee

Collette Dinnigan – Executive Committee

Collette Dinnigan has carved out an illustrious path in the fashion and design industries, known for her groundbreaking contributions and distinctive style. Launching her label in Sydney, Collette quickly rose to prominence, setting a precedent for Australian designers by being the first to present a collection at Paris Fashion Week.

Florence Broadhurst – Artist

Florence Broadhurst Australian Museum of Design

Risk-taker par excellence, style maven extraordinaire, her most exhilarating legacy is a design archive making waves around the world today. But this is where her legend begins.

Born in 1899 in a remote rural corner of Australia’s Queensland, Florence’s death was a violent murder at the age of 78. In between, she lived a series of vivid, fantastic lives.

Collette Dinnigan – Artist

Collette Dinnigan, a luminary in fashion design renowned for her exquisite work in textile design, lace, and embroidery. We are thrilled to have Collette as a distinguished artist within our collection, a partnership that has flourished through shared creative endeavours.

Chris Stone – Artist

Chris Stone Australian Museum of Design Bio Photo

Chris Stone Chris Stone Chris Stone, born in Leicester in 1950, has built an illustrious career as a textile designer, his artistic journey taking him from the classrooms of Loughborough College of Art and Winchester School of Art to the prestigious Royal College of Art in London. Upon graduating, his talent was immediately recognised by […]

Kate Ceberano – Artist

Kate Ceberano collaborates with AMoD, blending music, art, and design in a limited edition collection of limited edition art, napery, wallpaper and soft furnishings. A multifaceted creative journey.

Kate Ceberano, the Aussie music legend known for her electrifying contributions to the industry, has now extended her creative prowess into the realm of textile design, striking an exciting collaboration with the Australian Museum of Design (AMoD). This partnership has unveiled a limited edition line of art, napery, and soft furnishings, each piece a testament to Kate’s multifaceted talent and artistic vision.

Margaret Clark – Artist

Margaret Clark Federation Fairies Australian Museum of Design

Margaret Clark Margaret Clark As an acclaimed Australian illustrator, Margaret brought whimsy and charm to life through her enchanting ‘Federation Fairies’ series. Created in the early 1900’s, her illustrations captured the free spirit and magic of fairies, set against the backdrop of the Australian bush. Her delicate and intricate work reflects a blend of European […]

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