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Corporate Team

Margaux Everett CEO Australian Museum of Design

Margaux Everett – CEO

Margaux is CEO and Founder of the Australian Museum of Design Pty Ltd. As an experienced Managing Director, database marketing specialist, software architect and lover of everything art and creative, she launched AMoD in 2022 to preserve more than 7,500 original hand-drawn designs by Australian artists from 1960 and beyond.

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Emma Brown Director Australian Museum of Design

Emma Brown – Director

Emma Brown stands out as a pivotal figure within the Australian Museum of Design, serving as one of its esteemed Directors. With a robust background in financial services that encompasses accounting, management, relationship building, and governance, she brings a wealth of experience to the table.

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Sacha Yasumoto - Creative Director AMOD

Sacha Yasumoto – Creative Director

Studying Japanese and the art of Hanakubari, a traditional floral decoration technique where only natural materials are used to support the flowers. In doing so, she became one of the first Foreign Nationals to graduate to teacher level at Mami Flower Design School in Tokyo with frequent exhibitions.

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Monica Wight Design Director Australian Museum of Design

Monica Wight – Design Director

Monica has a rich background in business development, bringing over eight years of experience working with Tourism Australia and Qantas Vacations in Los Angeles. She’s been instrumental in launching key marketing initiatives like “Where the Bloody Hell are You?” and has successfully managed major events such as G’Day LA & G’Day America, collaborating with high-profile partners like AMEX, YPO, and National Geographic.

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Leanne Church Australian Museum of Design Embroidery Curator

Leanne Church – Embroidery Curator Founding Member

Leanne’s roles have been diverse and influential; as a national educator for Machine Embroidery, a technical editor for Australian Machine Embroidery magazines, and a contributor of numerous articles, her commitment to education in her craft is unwavering. Her skills as a Machine Embroidery Digitiser are unparalleled, skilfully transforming everything from basic images to intricate designs for a variety of applications, including high-profile stage and screen productions.

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