Sacha Yasumoto

Sacha Yasumoto - Creative Director AMOD

Studying Japanese and the art of Hanakubari, a traditional floral decoration technique where only natural materials are used to support the flowers. In doing so, she became one of the first Foreign Nationals to graduate to teacher level at Mami Flower Design School in Tokyo with frequent exhibitions. 

International corporate brands within Japan engaged Sacha to promote their products using her skills in Hanabubari, including Wedgwood and other notable organisations which expanded her knowledge into the Japanese corporate world. Sacha continued to create her own material and held many successful events in the Tokyo region.

In collaboration with her husband, Sacha set up the Yasumoto Scholarship Foundation to identify and send students from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, all over the world to pursue their chosen passions. 

Sacha earned her BA in Interior Design, White House Institute, Sydney, which expanded their business operations in the region.

More recently, Sacha has become an advocate and patron in organising art events for corporate led associations including the American Women’s Association in Hong Kong. Her latest project has expanded her creativity into photography, to identify and record abandoned heritage sites for which she is holding a solo Asia Society photo exhibition. Sacha has been able to use her Cantonese to connect with locals and further embrace the culture. The documentation of disappearing residences has become a passion for Sacha to keep the history alive for future generations.

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