Margaux Everett

Margaux Everett CEO Australian Museum of Design

“I create, therefore I am.”

I strive to create a life I love, fuelled by my passion for art, creativity, and providing a platform for artists and their designs. Every moment of my life has led me to this point, on a mission together with my shareholders to preserve and take the largest known collection of Australian hand drawn designs to the world. And it’s just the start.

My name is Margaux Everett and I could not be more excited to share the story of the Australian Museum of Design (AMoD).

I founded AMoD to preserve more than 7,500 original hand drawn designs by Australian artists.

We launched in August 2022 as a brand new start-up company to save and preserve the designs. As a commercial entity, we also needed to find ways to become financially viable and generate a return on investment for our shareholders.

Using the experience gained from my own database marketing company which I started at the age of 29, during the time the internet came to life and with the advancement of technology, it gave us the ability to revolutionise marketing communications like never before.  We were at the forefront of the digital era and we were using our imagination and technology to create solutions we can harness for the success of AMoD today.

It was also twenty years ago that I first saw the boxes of original hand drawn designs in a warehouse. Only seeing several of the designs at the time was enough for me to instantly fall in love with them.

I was recently, serendipitously, re-introduced to the designs which were still in boxes. This time when I saw them, I saw them very differently. It was time to implement the twenty years of database marketing experience to bring the designs to life and out into the world.

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