Darren Taylor Co-founder and Head of Strategy, Taylor & Grace

Darren Taylor Taylor & Grace Founding Member Advisory Group Australian Museum of Design

Darren is a visionary brand strategist, keynote speaker and author who has helped hundreds of organisations – from traditional family-run businesses, not-for-profits and social enterprises, to mature multinationals and startups – to develop and grow their brand to compete in a global environment. Some of his clients include national and multinational companies like Hitachi, SAI Global and Alchemy Construct, to ASX listed companies like Tesserent and ANZ Bank to NFPs and social enterprises like Grief Australia, Fight Parkinson’s, ACRE, Youthrive and Australian Sports Foundation, and visionary startups and scale ups such as Xeople, SIEMonster, Outlandish and Carbon Asset Solutions.

Darren is that rare entrepreneur who listens as well as he speaks, whose facilitation workshops and brand vision models are exercises in creativity that elicit laughter as well as insight. Educated at Swinburne University of Technology and RMIT in Engineering, Marketing and International Trade and The National Theatre in Music Theatre, he worked at a number of creative agencies before starting Taylor & Grace in 2006. Darren is an accomplished pianist and pipe organist and is a pro-bono adviser to NFPs in the health, education and arts sectors, a public speaker and a mentor to young marketing professionals. His book, Rebranding Branding, won a silver gong at the New York Design awards in 2017.  Darren and his team have extensive experience working with Executives and Boards to achieve transformation. He is an experienced NFP Board director, having served on the boards of Georges Mora Foundation, Chamber Music Australia and currently, Musica Viva Australia. He is currently completing the AICD Company Director’s course.

Darren has been working in the NFP and social enterprise sector for around 15 years and is passionate about the role that organisations can play to address the wicked social and environmental issues of our time. Darren has guided over 40 NFP and social enterprises that were at an inflexion point through brand-led transformation. This may have been a strategic plan pivot to ensure sustainability or to better respond to sector needs, technical or legal issues preventing the use of their name / visual branding, or low brand awareness or confusion preventing revenue diversification initiatives. Darren is deeply involved in SE and NFP sector events and initiatives, and his agency, Taylor & Grace, has just achieved its B Corp certification.

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