Australian Museum of Design Founding Friends

Founding Friends of AMoD

Over May and June 2022, the Australian Museum of Design held a Capital Crowd Sourced Funding campaign with Birchal to raise funds.  

The capital raise campaign invited people from the public to become shareholders of AMoD, and their contribution has helped to preserve history of more than 7,500 hand drawn designs from Australian artists.

We are particularly appreciative of the investment from the following Founding Friends:

Jordan Hodgson

Sam Ford

Pam Pham

Toy Rogasch

Jonathan Briggs

David Warren

Yvetter Duncan

Michelle Pizer

Julie Willoughby-Smith

Andrew Cook

Dianne Budd

Susan Raine

Ashley Thompson-Brown

Michael Adena

Borghild Leakey

Charles Revai

Lancia Hall

Antony Suryadinata

Yuen Sum Chung


Cecilia Mok

Hsiang Leang Ng

Virginia Hine

Roy Lowe

Ingrid Algie

Scott Layne

Janet Ranola

Ahamed Mafaz Mahroof

Christine Shamanis

Kerryn Briody

Leesa Cornthwaite

Tara-Louise Skinner

Lia Pielli

Yuri Langston

Catherine Hyams

Sharon Lum

Jeffrey Huyben

Jacinda Manins

Anna Klima



Kathryn Tobutt

Katrina Drake

Jacqueline Wise

Martyn McGrath

Lalicia Potter

Klaus-Dieter Liss

John Steel

Graeme Bourke

Elizabeth Martin

Fiona Shand

Wendy Robinson

Bridgette Lumiere

Katrina Black

Michelle Boon

Sarah Rogers

Sarah Newman

Jingdong Li

Sydney Spiteri

If you would like to become an investor of the Australian Museum of Design and own part of Australian design history, please click below to share your interest. We will contact you with details on how to invest.

Largest body of Australian designs

Unseen by the public for more than 50 years

There’s nothing like a revival…

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