Leone Lorrimer

Leone Lorrimer - Australian Museum of Design Executive Committee

Leone Lorrimer’s distinguished career spanning over 30 years in CEO and executive leadership roles, complemented by her extensive board experience and architectural expertise, marks her as an invaluable asset to the AMoD Executive Committee. Her journey, characterised by significant achievements in architecture, design, and property development both in Australia and Internationally, embodies a blend of visionary leadership and strategic foresight.

Leone’s internationally recognised proficiency in navigating the complexities of global markets and her ability to foster sustainable organisational cultures across varied geographies and cultures highlight her adeptness at leading within diverse and challenging environments. Her success in driving international growth is a testament to her strategic acumen, particularly in leveraging digital technologies and implementing robust organisational performance measures.

Her leadership extends beyond mere operational management, embracing change management, transformational digital technologies, and a deep commitment to environmental, social, and corporate sustainability. These competencies reflect a holistic approach to leadership that is not only about achieving business objectives but also about fostering an ethos of responsibility and innovation.

Moreover, Leone’s comprehensive understanding of finance, risk, law, and compliance, coupled with her experience in design thinking, scenario modelling, and analysis, enables her to contribute a unique perspective to future strategy development. Her experience enhances her ability to anticipate and navigate future challenges and opportunities, making her an indispensable guide in an ever-evolving landscape.

At AMoD, we are immensely proud to have Leone Lorrimer as a key member of our Executive Committee. Her unparalleled experience, combined with her visionary leadership and strategic insight, make her a tremendous asset. Her guidance and expertise are not just valuable for our current endeavours but are also crucial in shaping the future direction of AMoD.

  • Member of Chief Executive Women
  • Named in 100 Women of Influence
  • Named as Indesign Luminary
  • Fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects
  • Graduate of AICD Company Directors Course
  • Accredited in LSI and GSI Human Synergistics



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