Nicholas Davie

Nicholas Davie Australian Museum of Design Executive Committee

Nicholas Davie, with a distinguished career that spans several high-profile roles, has made significant contributions across a number of various sectors. 

As a former co owner/CEO of Publicis Mojo, Nicholas demonstrated his adept leadership and innovative thinking in the advertising world, driving the company to achieve numerous accolades and success stories. 

His transition from the dynamic sphere of marketing and advertising to the world of Capital Markets/Hedge Funds, together with impactful roles in public service and philanthropy showcases his versatile skill set and commitment to contributing to society.

Nicholas’s involvement as a Council Member of the National Museum of Australia (NMA) underscores his dedication to preserving and celebrating Australia’s rich history and culture. That role allowed him to influence the museum’s strategic direction, ensuring that it continued to engage and educate both Australians and international visitors about our nation’s heritage.

As a Board Trustee of the Sydney Botanic Gardens and Centennial Parklands, Nicholas played a crucial role in overseeing the conservation and enhancement of these vital green spaces. His work ensured that these areas remain accessible and enjoyable for the public, providing essential recreational and educational opportunities in the heart of Sydney.

In his philanthropic efforts, Nicholas’s position as Founding Co-Chairman of Bestest (The Best of the Best Kids Charity) highlights his commitment to supporting children in need. Through his 24 year leadership of Bestest, the charity continues to make a significant difference in the lives of countless young individuals, offering them hope and assistance.

As the Executive Chairman of Centrifuge Capital, an AI Hedge Fund, Nicholas has applied his strategic acumen to the financial sector, guiding the firm through complex investment landscapes and contributing to its growth and success.

We are now honoured to welcome Nicholas Davie as an Executive Committee member and mentor at the Australian Museum of Design (AMoD). His vast experience, coupled with his commitment, has already proven to be invaluable. Nicholas’s counsel and advice are deeply appreciated, and his willingness to share his knowledge and insights makes him an esteemed mentor. His involvement with AMoD not only enriches our organisation but also reinforces our mission to inspire and influence the preservation of Australian design history.

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