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Uncovering Carla Zampatti designs

Carla Zampatti custom printed on a regular basis in the ‘70’s and 8o’s mostly using Signature Handprints then base in Hornsby Heights and in later years Signature Prints in Rosebery.

There are 2 standout designs, now held by the Australian Museum of Design, that perfectly paint this picture of her demand for excellence.

Carla had her own “handwriting” and gave her creations an element of customisation in both style and pattern wherever possible.

Design was there to add a dimension to her use of soft and flowing textiles.


Zebra – circa 1978 – 1980 – often printed on soft flowing textiles as a border on the hem of a skirt or dress – this design is a strong visual reminder of the excellence Carla demanded


Carla Zampatti designs from Australian Museum of Design

Zebra Stripe – circa 1978 – 1982 – a hand drawn design used as an all over textural design – a stand alone design as well as acting as a natural coordinate for Zebra. The origin of this design must have come from an image of a “dazzle of Zebras” …… see image below. Textural designs such as this allow much more freedom of use – again Carla’s love of soft flowing textures, printed with zebra stripe would have tops/blouses/shirts/kaftans added as coordinates to Zebra skirts and dresses

Zebra Stripe

Carla Zampatti designs from Australian Museum of Design

Dazzle of Zebra

Dazzle of Zebra's Carla Zampatti designs from Australian Museum of Design
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