Kate Ceberano

Kate Ceberano collaborates with AMoD, blending music, art, and design in a limited edition collection of limited edition art, napery, wallpaper and soft furnishings. A multifaceted creative journey.
Kate Ceberano Limited Edition Artwork Kimono - Australian Museum of Design

‘Kimono’ by Kate Ceberano

Kate Ceberano Limited Edition Artwork Summer Australian Museum of Design

‘Summer’ by Kate Ceberano

Kate Ceberano

Kate Ceberano, a legend in the Aussie music scene, has now showcased her immense talent in textile design, and has formed an exciting collaboration with the Australian Museum of Design.

Her work isn’t just good; it’s massive and catches your eye in a way that screams Kate Ceberano. It’s like her tunes, full of life and colour, making the collection at AMoD stand out even more. Plus, in her latest book, ‘Unsung’, published by Simon & Schuster Australia, Kate dives deep into her musical life and opens up about her love for textile arts. This book is a peek into how she brings the boldness and beauty from her music into her fabric designs, with every stitch telling a story as captivating as her songs.

Kate’s work in embroidery and quiltmaking has captured the imagination, proving that her creative genius knows no bounds. This collection is a vibrant celebration of her journey, blending the soulful energy and dynamic vibrancy that have been the hallmark of her music career with her newfound passion in textiles.

Kate’s collaboration with AMoD is more than just a merging of worlds; it’s a showcase of her incredible ability to weave stories and emotions into tangible forms. From stunning art pieces that reflect her lyrical sensibility to napery and soft furnishings that transform living spaces into galleries of expression, each item in this collection is a piece of Kate’s heart, shared with the world.

This venture highlights not just Kate Ceberano’s legendary status as a musician but also her remarkable talent as an artist, embroiderer, and quilter. With this limited edition collection, Kate and AMoD invite us into a world where music, art, and design harmoniously intersect, offering a glimpse into the boundless creativity of one of Australia’s most beloved talents.

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