Loic Rethore

The Australian Museum of Design (AMoD) is thrilled to announce the addition of Loic Rethore, a distinguished figure in the global business landscape, to our Executive Committee. Loic’s career speaks volumes about his capabilities and his passion for leveraging business strategies to foster growth and innovation.

Currently Chief Executive Officer of Jurlique, a renowned natural skincare brand, Loic has demonstrated an exceptional ability to steer companies towards remarkable achievements. His leadership at Jurlique is marked by a commitment to sustainable and ethical business practices, aligning perfectly with the values at the heart of AMoD.

Loic’s tenure as Regional President of North Asia for Dyson saw him navigating the complexities of an extremely dynamic market, driving the brand towards unprecedented growth. His strategic foresight and deep understanding of the Asian market have been pivotal in establishing Dyson as a dominant player in the region.

Before Dyson, Loic led the Oceanic division of Nestle Nespresso, where he successfully blended luxury branding with sustainability, significantly enhancing the brand’s presence and impact in the region. This role underscored his knack for marrying high-quality consumer experiences with eco-friendly practices, a philosophy that resonates with AMoD’s commitment to promoting Australian design history and contemporary artists.

As a Member of the Global Advisory Board, Loic has contributed to shaping forward-thinking strategies that tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing industries today. His global perspective and insight into market trends, consumer behaviour, and sustainability are invaluable assets to any organisation.

AMoD is excited to have someone of Loic’s calibre and experience join our Executive Committee. His global business knowledge, coupled with a proven track record in negotiating growth and delivering expansion, are invaluable resources as we navigate the future. Loic’s mentorship and strategic business guidance will be instrumental in propelling AMoD towards achieving our vision, fostering a culture of innovation, whilst we preserve Australian design history.

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