Kate Ceberano Tablecloth ‘Autumn’


Step into a world where art meets the dinner table with the Australian Museum of Design’s latest collaboration featuring Kate Ceberano.

This special collection turns Kate’s lively and colourful art into a staple of home décor, offering 100% linen tablecloths that are as practical as they are stunning. You have two fabulous options to choose from: a vibrant print that captures the essence of Kate’s artwork in all its glory, or a version that takes things up a notch with golden thread embroidery, weaving a bit of sparkle into your dining experience.

Crafted with the finest linen, these tablecloths aren’t just about adding a splash of colour; they’re about bringing durability, luxury, and a piece of art history to your table. Whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or just want to jazz up your everyday dining, these tablecloths promise to be the talk of the meal.

Perfect as a Mother’s Day gift or a treat for yourself, these Kate Ceberano tablecloths from AMoD are where functionality dances with creativity. So why not bring a piece of the art to your dinner table? Available exclusively from AMoD, it’s your chance to own a slice of artistic flair that makes every meal a masterpiece.

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