AMoD Newsletter - March 2024

It has been a hive of activity over recent months at the Australian Museum of Design (AMoD). Our team has been dedicated to ensuring the museum’s prosperity and fulfilling our commitments to our valued shareholders and supporters. Heartfelt thanks go out to all who participated in the 2023 AMoD Crowd Sourced Funding (CSF) Investment Round 2. Your investment is invaluable, allowing us to continue the essential groundwork laid by earlier initiatives such as the development of the Digital Design Exchange (DDX).

We extend our gratitude to those who invested in the inaugural CSF Investment Round 1 in 2022, and a special mention to the Birchal team, whose professionalism and passionate support were instrumental in facilitating two successful investment rounds. Following the final reconciliation in December, we raised $157,000 post-expenses, earmarked for further growth and expansion.

A key milestone achieved was acquiring a state-of-the-art Canon scanner and printer, marking a pivotal promise kept to our shareholders. The equipment, renowned for its speed and precision, has streamlined our process, especially in scanning artwork, and is securely housed at our new premises equipped with fire and water safety measures and a comprehensive alarm system.

The majority of our original hand-drawn designs have been moved from the St Peters studio and are now in the custody and protection of David Lennie, former director of AMoD and current shareholder.

The Australian Museum of Design (AMoD) is on an exciting journey of growth, fostering a legacy for the art and design communities of tomorrow. We’re thrilled to share significant developments that have marked our journey so far this year.



Founding Advisory Group

We are proud to announce the expansion of our Founding Advisory Group, which has grown since its inception in late 2022 to include new members with specialised expertise, enhancing our breadth of knowledge. For full details and bios of our Advisory Group members, click here.

Establishment of Executive Committee

I’d like to express my appreciation to our newly established Executive Committee formed in November 2023. 

We hold quarterly meetings and my regular one-on-one discussions, have already provided critical insights in managing the museum’s trajectory. Their guidance is proving to be an indispensable resource. The Committee members, include Collette Dinnigan, Leone Lorrimer, Nicholas Davie, Loic Rethore, and Ian Wright, all offer invaluable mentorship. For more information on our Executive Committee members, click here.

Exciting Collaborations Unveiled:

Bridging Art, Design, and Craftsmanship

AMoD is dedicated to safeguarding Australia’s design heritage, ensuring its rich history and evolving narrative is accessible for future generations. Our ongoing mission is to expand our library of creativity by continuously acquiring new works that capture the essence of their times. This month, we are delighted to unveil the latest additions to our collection, featuring artists whose creations span over a century. With pieces originating from the late 1890s to the vibrant 1980s, and extending to contemporary expressions of today. These designs enrich our library, offering a window into the past and a reflection of the present.

Kate Ceberano - Artist

Distinguished Australian musician Kate Ceberano, celebrated for her 40-year contribution to the music industry, and now reveals another facet of her artistic talent through a collaboration with AMoD.

Kates strides into textile design have woven a harmonious blend of rhythm and pattern into our collection, enriching it with her unique sense of style and composition. When you see Kate’s designs, you will agree they resonate with the same passion and vibrancy that define her music, offering a visual symphony that enriches AMoD’s diverse and rich design library, while underlining our commitment to expand our collection.

Recently, Kate unveiled her latest literary work, ‘Unsung’, through Simon & Schuster Australia. This publication delves into the narrative of her musical journey, providing an intimate glimpse into a sphere seldom seen by the public. Alongside her celebrated musical prowess, ‘Unsung’ uncovers another facet of Kate’s creativity – her passion for textiles. Revealing her affection for embroidery and quilting, the book illustrates how she channels the same elegance and audacity found in her music into her textile art, each stitch reflecting the melodic stories of her life’s unsung songs.

“Kate Ceberano is used to a hush descending as she draws breath to release that magnificent voice, but when the whole world quietened in 2020, she found the silence disorientating. Without an audience or long hours of travel with her tribe of musicians, there was time to think. But what does an artist do when they can’t make art? They find a way.”

AMoD is thrilled to announce our collaboration with the multi-talented Kate Ceberano. Our joint effort has culminated in an exclusive, limited-edition artwork and napery collection, the first unveiled in time for Mother’s Day. This initial collection features 100% linen tablecloths, table runners, tea towels, and napkins, all bearing Kate’s unique designs.

Kate Ceberano Limited Edition Artwork Desert Summer - Australian Museum of Design

Shareholders of AMoD have the first opportunity to pre-order before the public launch on 20th March. As a special offer, the first 10 orders from Kate Ceberano’s range of tablecloths and runners with embroidered highlights from the AMoD napery collection, will be crafted in collaboration with Kate herself, adding a personal touch to these exquisite pieces. Each order will be accompanied by a handwritten note signed by Kate Ceberano, along with a Certificate of Authenticity from AMoD.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own your own piece of this exclusive collection of limited edition art and napery. Click here to visit our online shop to browse the range, and contact us directly to reserve your order. These inaugural items from her collection are not just products; they’re pieces of artistry and heritage.

Click here to view ‘Unsung’, published by Simon & Schuster Australia (It’s definitely worth it!)

Kate Ceberano Limited Edition Artwork Autumn Australian Museum of Design
Kate Ceberano's 'AUTUMN'
Australian Museum of Design
Kate Ceberano Limited Edition Artwork Spring Australian Museum of Design
Kate Ceberano's 'SPRING'
Australian Museum of Design
Kate Ceberano Limited Edition Artwork Florence Australian Museum of Design
Kate Ceberano's 'FLORENCE'
Australian Museum of Design
Kate Ceberano Limited Edition Artwork Portofino Australian Museum of Design
Kate Ceberano's 'PORTOFINO'
Australian Museum of Design

Kate’s collection introduces four designs, available as limited edition art and napery. Select pieces from this exquisite range will feature embroidery highlights, meticulously crafted to accentuate the delicate design and beauty of each item. This unique approach not only enhances the visual appeal of the collection but also adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, making each piece a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts of fine textile art. Order your Giclee Limited Edition Artwork now. Orders for the fabric artwork with embroidery highlights will be available for order to Shareholders and supporters on 18th March before it’s open to the public on 20th March.

University NSW Arts, Design & Architecture

Partnership and Student Opportunities

University NSW Arts, Design Architecture, Australian Museum of Design

Our partnership with UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture is flourishing, with a team of interns from the faculty assisting in the digitisation of more designs, bridging the gap between traditional and contemporary art forms. 

This collaboration extends to third-year students, whose textile design submissions will be evaluated by an expert panel, with selected works purchased for inclusion in the AMoD Design Library. 

We are also offering a student the ability to profile their work with AMoD and to promote them through our channels, exposing them to commercial opportunities. This initiative not only enhances our collection but also supports the careers of promising new artists.

Mother’s Day Promotion

New Products:

We have tested and refined the ability to produce a small range of AMoD products that keep within our core ability, and are reflective of our brand and values. We do not want to lose sight of our primary goals, so have sourced the best suppliers to work with. We have selected them based on their outstanding quality, cost of production and turnaround times.

Our suppliers have very impressive capabilities and we have negotiated a ‘supply on-demand’ ordering system, negating the need for AMoD to bulk purchase products up-front. Their capacity to expand our reach via their global networks under our own, Australian Museum of Design branding is also an added value.

In time for Mother’s Day this year (launching 18th March), we’re excited to unveil:

Limited Edition Art

  • Limited Edition Giclee Artwork
  • Limited Edition Fabric & Embroidery Artwork



  • 100% Linen tablecloths (medium & large sizes)
  • 100% Linen table runners – Set of 3 (medium & large sizes)
  • 100% Linen Napkins – Set of 6
  • 100% Cotton Tea Towels Set of 2

*  A range of tablecloths and table runners with embroidered highlights

We will be using a selection of artwork from our AMoD library by the following artists for this range:

  • Florence Broadhurst
  • Kate Ceberano
  • Akira Isogawa
  • Christopher Stone
  • Margaret Clark
  • Roberta Montorfano

Expanding the AMoD Design Collection

New Designs and Artists:

Kate Ceberano, renowned Australian musician, has ventured into the world of textile design, showcasing a collection of hand-drawn patterns that are as distinct as her musical career. Her designs, characterised by bold lines and vibrant colours, lend themselves beautifully to the detailed work of embroidery and the structured art of quilting.

Kate’s pathway into textile design brings fresh, artistic perspectives to traditional crafts, demonstrating her multifaceted talent and expanding her creative influence beyond the music stage, and we welcome her to the Australian Museum of Design.

Chris Stone emerged from the UK’s prestigious art institutions, culminating his studies at the Royal College of Art in London, where his textile design skills caught the attention of American designer Ken Scott. In the 1970s, Stone’s work epitomised the avant-garde ‘Italian Look’, defining the fashion of the time. 

As the ’80s dawned, his artistry extended to the realm of bed linen, when in 1984, he accepted the role of Design Director at Sheridan, transforming it from a predominantly Australian domestic brand to an international name featured in over 50 countries. He even designed the sheets Pope John Paul II slept on when he visited Australia in 1973! Chris brings thousands of stunning textile designs spanning more than 40 years to the AMoD Design Library, including his original portfolio of works from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and stunning original artworks.

Roberta Montorfano, a contemporary Australian artist with a diverse background, melds her Italian-Mexican heritage into her creative pursuits. Her work spans various mediums, including hand drawn textile and graphic design, and is characterised by vibrant colours and dynamic compositions.

Montorfano’s designs often reflect her international influences and travels, culminating in a portfolio of thousands of hand drawn, original designs which are both culturally rich and stylistically unique. With an eye for the intricate interplay of pattern and texture, her designs resonate with a global audience.

Margaret Clark, an acclaimed Australian illustrator, brought whimsy and charm to life through her enchanting ‘Federation Fairies’ series. First created in the early 1900’s, when Margaret was 17 years old, her illustrations captured the free spirit and magic of fairies, set against the backdrop of the Australian bush. Clark’s delicate and intricate work reflects a blend of European folklore and Australian flora and fauna, giving the fairies a unique identity rooted in the nation’s cultural heritage.

Vivien Kells, the niece of Margaret Clark, has been a devoted curator of the whimsical ‘Federation Fairies’ collection, steeped in Art Deco elegance. We now welcome more than 300 of the Federation Fairies design collection into the Australian Museum of Design.

Meet AMoD's Latest Volunteer Visionaries:

We’re thrilled to introduce two new volunteers to AMoD, each bringing a wealth of experience, knowledge, and, most importantly, boundless passion. Both have chosen to share their invaluable expertise and time with us, contributing significantly to AMoD’s growth and success. Their enthusiasm and fresh perspectives are already making a huge difference in helping with the workload, and most importantly, introducing AMoD to new audiences.

Leanne Church Australian Museum of Design Embroidery Curator

Leanne Church - Embroidery Curator

With an impressive tenure of nearly three decades, Leanne Church has made her mark in the Sewing and Embroidery Industry. Her expertise has reached across Australia and extended to 15 states in the U.S., evidenced by her co-authorship of the Certificate III in Digitising and Computerised Embroidery in Australia.

Leanne’s roles have been diverse and influential; as a national educator for Machine Embroidery, a technical editor for Australian Machine Embroidery magazines, and a contributor of numerous articles, her commitment to education in her craft is unwavering. Her skills as a Machine Embroidery Digitiser are unparalleled, skilfully transforming everything from basic images to intricate designs for a variety of applications, including high-profile stage and screen productions.

Her expertise is recognised and sought after in the industry, leading to collaborations with prestigious designers and companies like Brother International, Husqvarna Viking, Embroidery Source and ZSK Australia. Her work with SEED, Decujba, Table Art, and Ralph Lauren has been particularly notable, especially her role as the lead Embroiderer for the Australian Open and other major events.

We welcome Leanne as Embroidery Curator at the Australian Museum of Design, and her exceptional talent expressed through the medium of embroidery.

Monica Wight Design Director Australian Museum of Design

Monica Wight - Design Director

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Monica Wight as the new Design Director at the Australian Museum of Design (AMoD). Monica comes to us with a wealth of experience in fostering business collaborations, securing grants, and driving sales opportunities through her extensive work with Australian government departments and global commercial brands. 

Monica spent over 8 years working in Los Angeles for Tourism Australia and Qantas Vacations, launching marketing campaigns “Where the Bloody Hell are You?”, the immensely successful G’Day LA & G’Day America events, and partnering with AMEX, YPO and National Geographic. She has also worked with Screen Australia, Universal Studios and major production companies in Australia. 
She is fluent in Japanese, has an MBA from University of Phoenix, and has studied and worked in Tokyo and Osaka. Her dedication and proven track record have already shown her deep commitment to the success and future of AMoD. Welcome to the team, Monica!

Advancing Our Social Mission:

From AMoD’s early days, we’ve aspired to secure charitable status, a goal that demands time and extensive resources. While achieving this status remains a future objective to aid in securing government grants, we are currently focusing on an alternative path that aligns with our immediate capabilities and goals.

We’re actively pursuing Social Enterprise Certification, which will attest to AMoD’s commitment to social objectives and a sustainable business model. Gaining this certification will enable us to apply for government grants and tenders, furthering our mission.

The certification process is underway, reflecting our dedication to AMoD’s principles and our anticipation of a fruitful collaboration with the certifying team.

Expanding Our Reach with Licensing Agreements:

The Australian Museum of Design is in the process of forging significant licensing agreements with four distinguished corporations from both Australian and international markets. These discussions aim to incorporate selections from the AMoD Design Library into diverse applications, including food and beverage packaging, cosmetic packaging, interior design, and fashion.

We’re eager to talk with new contacts regarding the licensing of our designs. If you have contacts who you think might be interested in the unique designs from the AMoD Design Library, we encourage you to get in touch. Sharing our designs through licensing not only showcases our rich collection but also brings the essence of Australian design to a broader audience. Please reach out so we can present our licensing proposal to them.

Invigorated sales and marketing:

AMoD is set to launch an invigorated sales and marketing strategy, debuting with our Mother’s Day promotion. This campaign will feature a robust presence on social media, extensive public relations efforts, and widespread exposure across Google’s network, including YouTube.

Beyond the Mother’s Day initiative, AMoD is committed to an ‘always-on’ approach, ensuring continual visibility to captivate and engage new audiences. We aim to inspire visits to our website, foster knowledge about our unique offerings, and encourage online purchases.

These efforts will bolster our regular updates, showcasing the latest in design, artist collaborations, exclusive products, and upcoming events, keeping AMoD at the forefront of design innovation.

Enhanced online presence:

The AMoD website now boasts fresh content, detailed artist bios, expanded shopping features, and an improved ‘Sponsor a Design’ section. We’re gearing up for a significant uptick in site visits and online shopping driven by our Mother’s Day campaign and collaboration with Kate Ceberano.

Our search engine optimisation efforts are paying off, successfully amplifying our global digital footprint. We’re committed to continuous enhancement of our online presence, ensuring that our design library can easily connect with businesses and opportunities around the world.

Digital Design Exchange (DDX) Expansion:

We are excited to announce the addition of 800 more stunning new designs and a new category ‘Embroidery’ in our Digital Design Exchange (DDX) platform. This unique space allows interested individuals to register with their details, granting them access to our exclusive designs.

This registration process enables us to monitor interest and engage with potential clients for licensing opportunities, fostering connections that may blossom into successful collaborations.

AMoD Event Series Announcement:

Anticipation is building for the upcoming launch of the AMoD Event Series, slated to commence post-July this year. These events, set in various capital cities, will feature guest speakers who will illuminate the rich tapestry of Australian design history. They’ll delve into the stories of illustrious artists, showcase hand-drawn designs, and reveal the craft techniques employed before the digital age.

Designed to be deeply engaging, these events promise to offer paying guests an enriching and immersive dive into the world of design, presented by the Australian Museum of Design

Upcoming AMoD 2024 Annual General Meeting:

Preparations are underway for the AMoD 2024 Annual General Meeting (AGM), giving us the opportunity to engage directly with you. Since the successful capital raise in December 2023, our journey has seen dynamic shifts.

These changes reflect our commitment, agility and strategic decision-making, ensuring we consistently act in the best interest of AMoD’s and our shareholders’ future.

Got Questions?

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